Professional Counselling

Hello and welcome to my website for Counselling in Liverpool.

Most of the time having someone to talk to in confidence about your problem and being listened to in a supportive and non judgemental way can help in many ways.

The aims of counselling is to talk through your troubles in confidence, to understand things from your point of view, help to reach a clearer understanding and explore resources so that you can deal with difficult situations. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what’s on your mind. Talking to a therapist can help you cope with difficulty and make positive change.

I hope this website will answer some of your questions and help you decide whether therapy is for you.

Phone: 07436 019 642

Our counselling services are conducted in a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere and discussions in therapy are always confidential.
From the first meeting, we understand that therapy can be a private and very personal experience.

The most common reasons for seeking help are stress, anxiety, relationship problems, anger-management and depression, though I work with a full spectrum of difficulties.

At Liverpool Counselling, sessions are approximately 50 – 60 minutes and take place at weekly or two week intervals. A long term counselling plan is not necessary, many people find only a few sessions adequate for their requirements.